Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is Green building?

According to the US Green Building Council, "Generally, green homes are healthier, more comfortable, more durable, and more energy efficient and have a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional homes."
Consumer demand, residential builders, federal government incentives, and local government policy are combining to make sustainable housing the new norm, and many property owners are taking steps towards greening their properties.
Two-thirds of consumers are paying attention to green homes and buildings; they recognize the link between green properties, cost savings and healthy living
More and more consumers understand the long-term investment and savings associated with greener homes. Homebuyers who ranked energy efficiency as "very important" purchased homes that had a median price $12,400 higher than those who ranked it "somewhat" or "not important."
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Source: Green REsource Council, National Association of Realtors

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