Saturday, January 26, 2008

West Seattle & King County stats

Here are a few home sale statistics for December 2007 (the most recent month available), taken from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. (I apologize if this info is a bit difficult to read. Software limitations don't allow me to put it into a table format.)

# of Homes & Condos Available for Sale:
W. Sea. 2006: 357 2007: 555 Change: +55%
KC 2006: 7,712 2007: 10,497 Change: +36%

Average Days on Mkt. for Sold Properties:
W. Sea. 2006: 48 2007: 60 Change: +12
KC 2006: 55 2007: 71 Change: +16

Average Sales Price for Closed Sales:
W. Sea. 2006: $421,996 2007: $437,686 Change: +4%
KC 2006:$462,547 2007: $497,855 Change: +8%

Number of Closed Sales Year to Date:
W. Sea. 2006: 143 2007: 102 Change: < 1%
KC 2006: 37,524 2007: 33,210 Change: -11%

It's a boy!

Congratualtions to Troy Chambers of Arboretum Mortgage! His wife just gave birth to their first child, a boy named Colby. No word on his official birth weight, but Troy says, "his hands and feet are HUGE!"

This Sunday's Open House

This Sunday from 1-4 I will be holding open a wonderful 2-story home in the Fauntleroy neighborhood at 3755 SW Thistle St. Although you might not expect it, this home has a view of Puget Sound and the Olympics from both floors. Come check it out and see for yourself. List price is $516K.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remodel or sell?

If that is the question you, as a homeowner, are asking yourself then these annual West Coast statistical averages, compiled by Remodeling magazine for 2007 may interest you.