Friday, June 19, 2009

Current loan rates

Here's the lowdown on mortgage loan rate activity for the past week, courtesy of Troy Chambers, loan officer for Arboretum Mortgage.

Back and Forth!
Interest rates went through a roller coaster track this week, and ended up around the same spot as last week! If timed correctly, buyers could have gotten as low as 5%this week, or as high as 5.625%. Again, it is a crazy time in the markets, and it is crucial that buyers, and people looking to refinance, are working with a seasoned professional with their best interest in mind. That’s where I come in! If you know of anyone looking for a purchase or a refinance, please pass my name on, and feel free to call my cell at anytime. I do work all weekend. The best number to contact me on outside of business hours is 425-418-5103. Thanks and good luck!

Troy Chambers
Arboretum Mortgage
Phone: 206-720-6628
Fax: 206-860-9340

Morgan Junction Community Festival memories

If you missed this years Morgan Junction Community Festival, which was last weekend, I hope you will add it to your mental calendar for next year. Estimates are that over 800 people attended (and I'd guess about 400 dogs!). The weather was perfect, there were lots of unique booths and spirits were high all around. Live music and free "Bite of Morgan" treats from local eateries added to the pleasure for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello to me and Barb Lisjak at our Prudential Realty booth.

Congratulations to new homeowners!

Congratulations are in order for my clients Don & Robert, who just purchased a great home between the Junctions here in West Seattle! Spurred on by the $8K tax credit, low interest rates and lowered home prices, they decided this was a great time to buy.

Wishing you many, many happy years in your new home!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Current loan rates

Here is a table of "current" mortgage loan rates, courtesy of Troy Chambers, loan officer for Arboretum Mortgage. I use quotation marks around the word "current" because rates have been so fluid recently, that what is current one day may be old the next day. I suggest you call Troy or a lender of your choice for the most up-to-date information possible.

And here is a little commentary from Troy:

It was a roller coaster in regards to mortgage rates this week! While the
5.375% doesn’t look as attractive as the 4.750% did three weeks ago …
it looks a lot better than the 5.750% we were seeing Monday and
Tuesday of this week. As rates move drastically from day to day, and
sometimes hour to hour, it is more crucial than ever to be working with
and referring to, a mortgage professional who is keepin’ a very close eye
on these rates and the patterns that are forming. Please feel free to
contact me at ANY time on my cell @ 425-418-5103, or use my email
address if that is more convenient. Thanks for looking, and enjoy this weather!

Troy Chambers
Arboretum Mortgage
Phone: 206-720-6628
Fax: 206-860-9340

Standards for calculating square footage

Do you know the actual square footage of your home? (Some people care, some don't.) Most people use the number from county tax records and that is sufficient for most purposes -- whether or not it's accurate. You may also get such information from an appraisal. The numbers may or may not match.

In searching Google for information about how to calculate square footage, I found the AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD FOR SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS This link will provide an automatic download of a PDF file with the information you need. Note that this standard is specifically for calculating the square footage in single-family homes. Other standards exist for townhomes, condos, etc.

Let me know if you find this helpful.

Open House today--Free ice cream

New on the market this week, a 1926 Spanish-style duplex just half a block from Alki Ave and steps from Whale Tail Park. The address is 2626 Marine Av SW and I will be holding it open today from 1-4PM. List price is $487,500. Come by and take a look and claim your Husky Deli coupon for a free ice cream cone!