Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For Sale By Owner?

Are you thinking about trying to sell your home on your own? If so, I have a free information packet to help you get the job done.

What's in it for me? It's simply an opportunity to create goodwill. Perhaps then, if you ever do need the services of an agent, you'll think of me.

To request your free packet, give me a call at 206-708-9800 or send me an e-mail: Alice@AliceKuder.com

What is a tax credit, anyway?

You have probably heard about the $8,000 tax credit the federal government is offering first-time home buyers. The $8K part is easy enough to understand, but you may be wondering, 'what is a tax credit and how does it benefit me?'

Here's how it works. Next year, prepare your federal income tax return as usual. Then, take a look at the bottom line that says how much you owe. If you owe money, you get to deduct up to $8,000. For example,
> If you owe $10,000 in taxes, and qualify for the tax credit, you would deduct $8,000 from that $10,000 so you would owe just $2,000.
> If you owe $6,000 before applying the credit, you would not owe anything AND you would GET BACK a check for $2,000.
> If you owe nothing, you will get back a check for up to $8,000 to spend any way you wish.

> be a first-time home buyer, which means you cannot have owned any interest in a home in the past three years
> CLOSE the purchase of a home valued at $80,000 or more (that's pretty much every home on the market) before DEC. 1st, 2008. Since it typically takes about 60 days to find and purchase a home, you should start looking by October 1st.
> earn an adjusted gross income of no more than $75,000 per year for individuals or $150,000 per year for married couples.

Need more information without any hassle or pressure? Call me at 206-708-9800.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are you a single homebuyer?

31% of homebuyers are single. Are you? Visit my Prudential website to find a variety of resources to help you get started with your home search. Click on the "Single Buyers" tab at the top of the page for information on topics such as: home security; home styles; steps to home ownership; renting vs. buying; pet owners as home owners; and, free homebuyer workshops.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Homebuyer Tax Credit deadline is fast approaching

Are you hoping to be a first-time home buyer and wanting to take advantage of that $8,000 tax credit offered by the government? Remember that in order to qualify you need to CLOSE the purchase of a home by Dec. 1st (NOT Dec. 31st). Working a typical home-buying timeline backwards, that means you need to begin seriously shopping for a home by early October. Here's how I come up with that recommendation.

Average time from making an offer to close a purchase: 30-45 days
Average time to find a home once you begin looking: 2-4 weeks
Total: 8-10 weeks (2-2.5 months)

So working backwards, that puts you between September 15 - October 1st if you don't want to be pushed to buy something that isn't what you really want. And keep in mind that there are likely to be A LOT of other folks who will suddenly awaken to that reality, which may deplete inventory and lengthen the average timeline. And there is no way to be certain that interest rates will stay as good as they are now.

If you are thinking that Sept. 15th is still a long ways away, just consider how quickly the summer months always seem to fly by.

Do you have questions about whether or not you qualify for the tax credit? Give me a call and I'll help you find the answers. 206-708-9800

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gatewood Open House today

George Jetson would have loved this home! A true "modern" mid-century classic in the heart of Gatewood. This 4 bdrm/2.25 bath home boasts an open floor plan with refinished hardwoods and a gorgeous fireplace, among many other fine features. I will be holding it open from 1-4 today. Listed at $499,000 by Prudential's Johnson Team. Come by and take a look and pick up your coupon for a free ice cream cone from West Seattle's own Husky Deli.