Friday, December 3, 2010

The measure of an outstanding broker

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-8 Factors for Standing Out in Real Estate:

"Reuters News offers these guidelines for anyone who is shopping for a home and a real estate professional to help them clinch the deal. How does your broker measure up?

1. Ethical. Enough said.
2. Likeable. The practitioner doesn’t have to be the buyer’s best friend, but she has to be someone the buyer likes to be around.
3. Knowledgeable. Knowing the target neighborhood is very important.
4. Smart. Familiar with the complexities of the mortgage process and able to negotiate the legal details of buying a home.
5. Licensed. Being licensed and insured is important in this litigious world.
6. Capable. Able to close deals quickly and efficiently.
7. Good with the Rolodex – able to recommend capable service providers.
8. Quick with references. Former clients must be willing to speak up."

Note from Alice:  I'd love to hear from any and all of my clients concerning these standards. What score would you give me?

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