Thursday, December 27, 2007

New investment analysis tool

Thinking about investing in a rental property and wondering if it would be profitable? Scroll down the page to find a new "widget" that will help you determine the answer. Keep in mind that this type of software is intended only as a starting point for analysis. Full analysis must take a variety of factors into consideration, including tax consequences. Give me a call if you'd like to discuss this further.

Current loan rates

If you haven't already discovered my list of "helpful websites" in the right-hand column, I want to call your attention to the link to Arboretum Mortgage. Click on the link to get a quick snapshot of current mortgage loan rates in an easy-to-read chart format, updated weekly. Thanks to senior loan officer, Troy Chambers, for providing this timely info. Here's the link again: http://media.reliancenetwork.com/dyna_images/clients/1974690/20072712164153.pdf

More good news!

Once again, the Seattle P-I has taken a mostly-positive news report concerning the real estate market in Seattle and made it sound grim. (Why DO they DO that???) http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/realestate/

Seattle was one of three cities that continued to post GAINS in home appreciation, but the article focuses on all the places that have seen declines. And without any persuasive argument, the writer concludes that Seattle is doomed to fall with the rest of the markets.

We all knew that the market could not sustain double-digit rates of appreciation forever. If it did, buyers would be priced out of the market entirely (some already have been), which doesn't benefit sellers anyway. There is a big difference between a market which is correcting itself -- seeing declines which take it back to a "normal" market -- and one which is crashing and burning.

Admittedly, the days of making a quick buck by investing in real estate are probably over for a while. Historically, however, real estate remains one of the best LONG-TERM investments available, both financially and emotionally.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? If you are currently a homeowner, are you glad you bought a home?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Need a last minute gift?

Okay, so maybe a new home won't fit under your tree, but the title will! And there's still time to make an offer on that perfect home you found online or in person, and have it accepted before Christmas morning! Is your agent out there working on your behalf today, or doing some last-minute shopping of his/her own?

Yes, I'll be working today, and, no, I don't work all the time. If you doubt me, ask Santa ... I had breakfast with him just yesterday!

Here's the house I'll be holding open today from noon - 3PM. It's a darling remodel with a separate MIL (mother-in-law) or guest apartment in the refinished basement. The address is 3753 SW Austin St, in the Gatewood area of West Seattle. Offered at $398,950. Please come by for a visit; I'd love to meet you!