Friday, April 11, 2008

Seattle in the Top Ten!

Forbes Magazine just compiled a list of the Top Ten Best Cities for Home Sellers, and it's no surprise to me that Seattle made the list! Criterion used includes: job growth, amount of new construction, vacancy rates and credit availability. Seattle ranked number ten in their estimation, due largely to strong job growth and a 42% decrease in new home construction (less competition for existing home sales). So if you are thinking of selling, this is more assurance that Seattle is a still a very strong market. Call me if you'd like more information. 206-708-9800,


Anonymous said...

Real estate speak. Lady, stop with your wallet-padding talk. Strong real estate market? Look at inventory, pending sales, year-over-year sales, prices and so forth. You are so out of it. Maybe if you ramped down your sleazy every-day-is-a-good-day-for-real-estate slop a notch or ten, people might be interested in talking to you.

Alice Kuder said...

It's true, I choose to see the glass as half full -- that's who I am as a person and a Realtor. Also true that the current Seattle market is not the hot market it has been in years past. As you say, inventory is up, pending sales and prices are down. But this is simply a cyclical return to what used to be regarded as a "normal" market. Seattle's "hot" market lasted for such an incredibly long run that the public began to regard it as normal. If it had continued, no one would have been able to afford a home anyway. Too many have already been priced out of the market. Thanks for taking the time to express your opinion, even if we disagree.