Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Open House Blitz!

If you are driving around West Seattle (or Burien) Wednesday afternoon, don't be surprised if you see Prudential Real Estate signboards on just about every street corner.  Not only tomorrow, but every Wednesday during the months of April and May, Prudential agents are holding Open Houses all over the area from 3-6PM (some go until 7P).  Why?  To showcase some of the fabulous listings that are currently on the market and give you a chance to see them on a weekday instead of waiting for the weekend.  

Tomorrow, I will be holding open a wonderful 1929 classic at 3437 37th Av SW.  If you'd like to see what's out there, but don't feel like randomly driving around looking for our signboards, go to www.OpenHousePNW.com for a complete list.

Don't be mislead by dark and dramatic media reports of a slow market.  The purchase and sale of real estate in Seattle is alive and well!  This is a GREAT TIME FOR BUYERS in particular, but sellers, too, are still realizing gains.  Seattle is one of the few markets in the country that can make that claim, so take advantage of it!  If you've ever considered buying an investment property in addition to your primary home, NOW IS THE TIME!  If you need more information, don't hesitate to call me: 206-708-9800

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