Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More survey results

Following yesterday's entries, here are more results from the Washington State Realtors Assn. annual survey of home buyers and sellers.

* 11% of home buyers reported they were born outside the United States, compared to 9% nationally.

* First-time home buyers accounted for 41% of homes purchased in 2007.

* The median income of first-time home buyers was $54,700 compared to $58,600 among all first-time buyers nationally.

* 76% of home buyers between 18 and 24 purchased a home because of their desire to own a home of their own and establish a household.

*36% of home buyers reported using social networking websites, such as, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Friendster. Among home buyers aged 18 to 24, 65% reported using social networking sites.

More tomorrow.

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