Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do you look at Virtual Tours?

It is common practice these days listing agents to create virtual tours to help market their real estate listings. Recently, I was discussing the pros and cons of posting virtual tours of West Seattle real estate listings online. The advantages are obvious, but a disadvantage can be that it allows "bad guys" to view the interior layout of a home, possibly making it easier to break in. 
So I have two questions for you. 
1) If you were selling your home right now, would you want your agent to create and publish a virtual tour of your home?
2) If you are searching online for a home right now, do you take time to watch virtual tours?

You can either comment on this post to leave your opinions, or vote in the poll in the left hand column of this blog. West Seattle real estate agents want to know!

Click here to see a sample virtual tour

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