Monday, September 26, 2011

Time to winterize (autumn-ize?)

What fickle weather we are having in Seattle this year! One day it feels like summer and the next it feels like autumn. Regardless, it hasn't yet gotten cold enough to make us homeowners dread working in the yard a bit to get ready for fall and winter. Which of these items from handi(wo)man, Amy Ecklund's Fall Home Maintenance Checklist will you tackle next?

-> Clean gutters & downspouts
-> Check roof for damaged shingles & trim branches away from roof
-> Install insulated covers on hose bibs & drain sprinkler system
-> Check smoke detectors & replace batteries
-> Service heating & cooling system
-> Replace furnace filter
-> Fertilize the lawn
-> Flush hot water tank

Need some help with that list? Call Amy at 206-478-2019, www.amyworks.com

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