Friday, December 4, 2009

Current mortgage loan rates

Here is your weekly update on mortgage loan rate activity, compliments of Troy Chambers, loan officer for Arboretum Mortgage. This is a good reminder that rates are not going to stay low forever; they can change -- either way -- without notice.

Rates Bounce Back Up …
After a GREAT week in the market from a rate standpoint, Thursday and Friday have seen them jump back up by over a quarter point. It looks like this may just be a temporary adjustment, and we hope to see them dip back down towards the end of the month.

Please let me know, if you know of anyone looking to refinance, or is need of a pre-approval for a new home purchase. I look forward to working with you, so feel free to call my cell at anytime at 425-418-5103.

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Table of loan programs and rates.

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