Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Steps to Home Ownership

Wondering how to get started on your quest to buy a home? Here are some pointers:

10 Steps to Home Ownership

1. Consider advantages & disadvantages:
Do you really want to own a home?

2. Consider the market conditions:
Is this the right time for you?

3. Assess your credit standing:
Do you need to repair or improve?

4. Assess your finances:
Do you have cash for a downpayment, closing costs, etc?

5. Create a budget:
What monthly payment can you afford?

6. Contact a lender:
What amount of loan do you qualify for?

7. Compile your wish list of home features:
Prioritize wants vs. needs

8. Interview & choose an agent
How do you find the right agent for you?

9. Search for a home
How do you find the right home for you?

10. Make an offer and close the sale

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