Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do you know where you live?

As a real estate agent, it's my job to know the various neighborhoods around town. But you might be surprised to hear that the city of Seattle doesn't recognize or declare any distinct boundaries for various neighborhoods. So how do you know, for instance, where Gatewood ends and Fauntleroy begins? Is there such a place as Sunrise Heights?

Recently I was taking a new listing for a house on 36th and Cloverdale and the owner asked me what neighborhood his house is in? I told him I was going to ask him the same question, because I had discussed it with other agents and none of us could come up with a good description for that area!

What do you think? The area I'm talking about is west of 35th, south of Thistle, north of Roxbury and east of 39th. My colleagues and I would argue that it's too far west to be Westwood, too far south to be Gatewood, too far east to be Fauntleroy (or Fauntlee Hills) and too far north to be Arbor Heights.

Of course, there are other hard-to-identify neighborhoods, too. Do you live in one?

I'm thinking about sponsoring a contest to name some of these neighborhoods and maybe come up with some unofficial boundaries. It might be kind of fun, don't you think?

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