Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lies, or positive spin? Are they the same thing?

Apparently, Wednesday was a slow news day, because the front page of that morning's P-I featured a story about the vocabulary that real estate agents use to describe their listings. I couldn't help but feel a bit defensive as I read the story, because the implication is that we, as agents, are being deceitful when we write the advertisements. I suppose it depends upon your point of view.

Is it a lie to describe a small home as cozy? If you were the seller, which word would you rather have me use?

My job is to entice potential buyers in to view your home in order to sell it. I don't believe that lying benefits anyone. Lies don't sell a home. Even gross exaggeration can backfire. Putting a positive spin on potential drawbacks, however, is (in my opinion) different than lying or even exaggerating. No home is perfect, and what one buyer sees as a negative, another may see as a positive.

What are your thoughts about the descriptions you've seen for various homes on the market? What is the most outrageous exaggeration you've ever seen/heard? Any outright lies? If you search for homes online, are you more influenced by photos or words? Are there particular words that turn you off or hook you? Here's you chance to voice your opinions!

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