Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Homeowners!

Congratulations to my clients, Leah and Pierre, who just closed on their first home earlier this week!

When they first starting looking at properties, Leah and Pierre thought they would only be able to afford a townhome, but recent market shifts opened up some new doors -- literally! Realizing that home buyers have been steadily gaining clout in the Seattle market for the past few months, we expanded their search to include some older, smaller single-family homes. Sure enough, we found a beautifully remodeled 1924 bungalow on a 7000+ sq. ft. lot. They fell in love with the place, and once a professional home inspector gave it a clean bill of health, we negotiated a purchase that fit their budget as well as their dreams!

Congratulations again, and may you enjoy many happy years ahead in your new home!

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