Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back to Normal?

Is the real estate market up? down? sideways? After 10 or so years of favoring sellers, the Seattle market is leveling out so that both buyers and sellers can breathe a little easier. Appreciation is no longer in the double digits, but is still running a VERY healthy 8+ percent, which outperforms most any other investment you are likely to make. Inventory is up by almost 50% over last year at this time, giving buyers substantially more options than they have had in the recent past. Even so, sellers are able to command a fair price for their homes. Best of all, no one has to act at the breakneck speed that was required when immediate multiple offers were common. Appropriately-priced homes still sell quickly (though, perhaps not overnight) and over-priced homes still languish on the market. Visit the home page of my main website to see statistics about King County home sales. http://www.alicekuder.pnwrealty.com/

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